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Group Project


5 days


UX Researcher, UX Copywriter, UI Designer

This was a sprint exercise as part of the UX design program at BrainStation. My team and I were given the task to find a problem for a fictional bank based on the information given, come up with a solution, and present it to the Scotiabank Digital Factory team.


We were given the task to find a solution for young professionals who have disposable income for the first time in their lives. To put ourselves in the shoes of the demographic of "young professionals", we started off with a journey map to get a better understanding.

Business Requirements

  • Accounts are associated with client ID#

  • Required account types: Chequing, Savings, Credit

  • Signing up must be prioritized over signing in

Design Constraints

  • Avenir was the required primary font with the option of using additional fonts (for simplicity we stuck with Avenir throughout)

  • Primary brand colours, we were given the task to only use the colour palette given.

Onboarding process after sign-up/sign-in

Calculate debt payments based on duration or monthly contributions

Set up auto-transfer and manage your accounts on one platform

Where We Started

Secondary Research

  • Average student debt is $28,000

  • 50% of students graduate with debt

  • Average interest rate is 6%

  • Average time to pay off debt is 114 months (9.5 years)


  • Only debt is student debt

  • Has no online banking account

  • Does not like using the desktop because of the UI

  • Would rather go into the bank

Journey Map

We then drew up a journey map of our demographic, we found an area of opportunity, which is how and where young professionals allocate their disposable income.

User Interviews

My team and I conducted user interviews to dive deeper into the goals and habits of our users.

The criteria of the participants were:

  • Age 20 – 30

  • Male or female

  • Has school debt

  • They’re not living paycheck to paycheck


  • People don't know or remember how long it'll take to pay off their debts if they pay suggested amount

  • It's hard to understand interest rates for debts

  • Most websites are really confusing, so users are unable to understand how to budget unless given a specific number like minimum payments.

Problem Space

University students are graduating with high student debts that continue into their professional lives. With confusing websites and a lack of clear information, young professionals don’t understand how to plan their loan payments to reach their financial goals.

How Might We...

HMW help young professionals make informed decisions based on their financial goals to make use of their disposable income?


Jessica White, 26

  • Went to school at University of Toronto

  • Lives in Toronto

  • She is a successful sales consultant

  • She needs to have a financial plan


Knowing our area of opportunity we wanted to collectively do research to find any current apps or solutions on the market that may have potential.

These are the features we found that are currently working on the market but are not all in one place:

  • Tips to repay your student debt faster

  • Make lump-sum payments

  • Increase the amount of your payments

  • Include payments in your budget

We wanted to make it all-in-one within the Pastel Bank app.


We came up with multiple sketches (mine are in blue) and used a five-step system to come up with one solution:

Art MuseumPlace solution sketches on wall and place them in chronological order

Heat MapWhere we used dot voting and any questions were asked through a sticky note

Speed CritiqueTeam-member narrates the sketch (not the creator) which identifies stand-out ideas. The creator then points out anything that is missed

Straw PollEach person chooses one solution and votes using a dot sticker

DecideWe unanimously decided as a group because everybody chose the same solution

After creating the sketches using the crazy 8's and storyboarding method, we used dot voting to decide on the features of our app, that combined, make the solution.

I personally came up with the "interest transparency" where it shows the amount of interest paid outside of the full amount of student debt.

The main features of the app:

  • Debt Calculator (calculates payments by monthly amount or by number of months it would take to pay off debt)

  • Auto Pay (based on the debt calculator the client would see what they need and set up automatic payments accordingly)


Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Mockups & Prototyping

After gathering some inspiration we took what graphs and charts have but use them in a way where it's understandable for the user.

My role in the prototyping phase was the copywriter. I made sure the copy used was understandable, clear and concise. Below are some of the key screens in the Pastel Bank app.

Onboarding process after sign-up/sign-in

Calculate debt payments based on duration or monthly contributions

Set up auto-transfer and manage your accounts on one platform

Usability Testing

After conducting usability tests, the insights were:

  • Users really liked the interest transparency

  • Calculator function is useful, helps them make informed decisions

  • Users would’ve liked the option to see more general information on student debts in a concise way

Marketing Page

In order to get our clients the information to use our Pastel Bank app, I created the marketing page. We focused on Apple mobile devices because most Pastel Bank customers use Iphones.

Next Steps

Customization Features

  • Accessibility (larger text and colour variations)

  • Home screen dashboard customization

  • Notification customization

Thanks For Taking The Time!

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