Scott Sobere-Yu

I’m an Experience Designer based in Toronto. My main interest in experience design is to find complex problems, understand people and the worlds they come from.

Prior to becoming an Experience Designer, I was an E-commerce Entrepreneur. I focused mainly on the purchasing of goods that are both branded and non-branded, and selling them on various platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

I decided to get into the experience design space because the thought of solving problems with digital solutions was exactly what I always wanted to do. I thought that this as a great career move because it mixes both of the essentials, helping make people's lives better and helping grow a business.

Work experience

Junior UX/UI Designer, Full-time
April 2021 - Present

International Family Union
UX Designer, Part-time
October 2020 - Present

E-commerce Entrepreneur
Online Retail
June 2012 - December 2019


UX Design Diploma
January 2020
- March 2020

Sheridan College
General Arts and Science
September 2010 - June 2013